Insert useful contents including Ads/content in posts, popup-modal, sticky, flip cards, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, header & footer scripts, PDF, YouTube videos, posts list, users list, any page/post contents, etc. with controls


entries list

13 Useful Entries to Choose From

  • Insert Ad/Contents
  • HTML Snippet
  • Popup-Modal
  • Sticky Content
  • Flip Cards
  • Insert CSS
  • Insert JS
  • Header & Footer
  • CSS (individual)
  • JS (individual)
  • Embed PDF
  • Youtube Video
  • PHP Snippet

And Some Regular Shotcodes to Choose From

With these you can display:

  • Post Lists with Number of Posts, Title and Category
  • User List with Configuration
  • Copy & Paste Page/Post Contents
  • User Comments with Specifications
regular shortcodes
insert adcontents

Insert Ad/Contents

Place ad/contents in customized positions of posts or pages with full control


Add popup-modal with contents anywhere using generated shortcode

insert adcontents

Sticky Content

Add sticky contents and stick it with generated shortcode

Flip Cards

Add Flip Cards with contents and display these anywhere using generated shortcode


HTML & PHP Snippets

Add HTML/PHP code snippets to the entries and use these anywhere with the generated shortcodes

Header & Footer Script

Add Scripts to header or footer areas. These can be useful also to add any third party scripts.

unnamed file.css

Add JavaScript & CSS

Add JS/CSS to the entire site front-end or admin area. You can add JS/CSS also to specific page/post with the generated shortcodes.

Embed PDF & YouTube Video

Configure your PDF file or add YouTube video link with entries and display these with generated shortcodes.

unnamed file.pdf

Insertify Widgets

There are two different Insertify widgets to add your insertify contents in widget areas. Insertify Shortcode is for using any shortcodes and Insertify Contents is for using the saved entries.