Insert Ad/Contents

Insert Ad/Contents

Place ad/contents in customized positions of posts or pages with full control

Popup-Modal/Sticky/Flip Cards

Add popup-modal, sticky contents, flip cards with contents anywhere

HTML & PHP Snippets

Add HTML & PHP Snippets as entries and use these with shortcodes

Header & Footer Scripts

Embed number of scripts to header or footer area

Add JS & CSS

Add JS & CSS

Add custom JS/CSS to frontend, admin area and in any specific page/post

Embed PDF/Youtube Video

Place your PDF or YouTube videos anywhere with shortcode

Insertify Widgets

Two Insertify widgets for using entry’s contents and shortcodes

Post List & Contents

Display different post lists and other post’s contents with shortcodes

User Listing

User Listing

Display public data of your user’s list based on roles





Insert useful contents including Ads/content in posts, popup-modal, sticky, flip cards, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, header & footer scripts, PDF, YouTube videos, posts list, users list, any page/post contents, etc. with controls